Commercial Real Estate

Volusia County, Florida

Our full service real estate division also includes a complete spectrum of commercial property services, whether to buy, sell, rent, or manage these special real estate business investments.

Commercial real estate is an important investment on your part, and a complex transaction that needs to be handled well when making your property available for sale, purchasing a commercial building, or publicizing the units for rent.

Ready to invest in commercial real estate in Daytona Beach and Volusia County, Florida?  Oceans Managing Group will expertly answer all of your questions when it comes to insurance, taxes, permitting, regulations, zoning, etc. as they pertain to city, county, and state laws of the area.  We will list your commercial property for sale or provide unsurpassed service for investors seeking commercial real estate opportunities.

How is Commercial Real Estate Different?

Commercial real estate is defined simply as a property that is used solely for business purposes. A few examples of commercial real estate properties  include an office park, restaurant, gas station, retail store, convenience store, auto repair shop, medical center, hotel, multifamily housing building, warehouse, or art gallery.  Unlike residential real estate properties with a set price to rent per month, lease agreements for commercial real estate are quoted in dollars per square foot.

An investor in commercial real estate owns the building and collects rent from each business that operates there, equating to a return on investment that can be highly profitable. Oceans Managing Group will provide its commercial real estate sales clients with the highest level of professional service, ensuring a negotiation and final deal that clearly benefits the all parties involved.

Keep in mind when we begin your search process, commercial real estate is categorized into different classes for the properties and this will be based on aesthetics, age, quality of infrastructure, and location of the building. Class A buildings are the newest and best condition.  Class B retains good quality but is older and ripe for restoration. Class C commercial real estate denotes a building is many years old, located in an area that is not currently high demand, and most likely needs maintenance and remodeling.

Why Choose Oceans Managing Group for Commercial Real Estate?

Here are just a few reasons why you will be glad you partnered with Oceans Managing Group for your commercial real estate transactions:

  • We are experts in asset management, auctions, build-to-suit, industrial, land, leasing, retail, and property management.
  • Real estate agents at Oceans Managing Group are always aware of what is currently happening in the commercial real estate field.
  • We offer advisory services, property valuation, investment analysis, feasibility studies, opinions of value, and site selection.
  • Our team will provide time tested knowledge to back you when making major decisions concerning commercial property.
  • Our professionals receive training and continuing education so they are always informed as to the latest market developments.
  • We have a stellar reputation backed by many years of trust, experience, and knowledge in commercial real estate.
  • Oceans Managing Group hires and retains only the best real estate agents and ensures that they have access to the latest technology for listing and searching properties.