Rental Property Management

Are you searching for a Daytona Beach property management company?  If so, you have found the best one in the area.  At Oceans Managing Group, our property managers will relieve you of the pressures of having to manage your real estate investment by yourself.

What are the benefits of hiring Oceans Managing Group?

  • Many owners choose our services because they simply don’t have the time, desire, or experience to manage their own investment property or deal with the day-to-day tenant issues.
  • Because they live miles away, some clients desire our ‘local representation’ so that we can respond and act on their behalf of the property.
  • Some of our clients choose to utilize a professional property management company like us simply because this avoids involving a friend, associate, or relative, who may be willing and able, but could put a ‘strain’ on their friendship.
  • Many clients elect to retain us simply to avoid the necessity of their personal involvement with tenants, handling tenant disputes, dealing with rent collections, maintenance issues, screening or replacing tenants, and handling rent increases. Perhaps you would prefer not to be the one responding to ’emergency’ issues that can happen at any given time, and do not want the responsibility having to deal with numerous contractors.  Our clients enjoy the personal cost savings to them in terms of their time, effort, and energy, which is needed to manage a rental property on an ongoing basis. If you are an owner/investor that would prefer not to get a phone call at 4:00 am about a broken water pipe, or a refrigerator or A/C that has gone out, Oceans Managing Group is designed for you!  We will handle all aspects of caring for your property 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Full Rental Management

    • Advertise and market the property immediately and effectively
    • Provide multiple managers to present and show the property 7 days a week
    • Screen potential tenants and verify income, employment, credit, and background checks
    • Provide complete “move-in” and “move–out” services
    • Handle all paperwork including signing attorney prepared leases
    • Collect the rent
    • Deal with late payments, partial payments, or no payments
    • Issue all notices (as necessary)
    • Periodic property inspections to maintain curb appeal and ensure  acceptable interior conditions
    • Field all tenant phone calls and questions
    • Coordinate and arrange for repairs as necessary
    • Handle all bookkeeping, ledgers, and bookkeeping specific to the property
    • Hand delivered deposit rental proceeds into owners financial institution of their choice
    • Provide an itemized monthly owner’s statement
    • Abide by all local laws, Florida Statutes, and Federal laws including W-9 issue

Tenant Placement Only

Oceans Managing Group can find you a qualified tenant. We will advertise and market your property,  run a credit/background check, and sign a lease with an approved tenant and all you pay is a finder’s fee.