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One of the most important parts of your marketing plan is creating an excellent online listing to showcase your property and launch it into the Ormond Beach rental market. Your online listing serves as the first impression prospective renters will have of your available property. You want to make it count.

Potential tenants will use their first impression of your property to decide whether they want to rent from you, and this can make or break your rental income and your long term return on investment (ROI). The perfect rental listing will set you up for a successful and profitable rental experience.

What does an effective online listing look like? 

We’re here to tell you.

Start with a Title

Not a lot of rental property owners put any effort into their listing’s title, and that’s a mistake. 

You know there’s a lot of competition on those rental sites; tenants are scrolling through dozens and even hundreds of properties. How can you stand out?

With a catchy title.

Which listing would you click on?

A. Two bedroom apartment for rent – $1,900


B. Modern two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment home with updated appliances two minutes from the beach for only $1,900!

Probably the second. Use your title to get the attention of all those tenants who are mindlessly scrolling through listings. 

Upload Some Exceptional Photos and Video

What will tenants look at first when they arrive at your listing? 


Photos will be more important to them than the written words or the move-in date or the location. They’ll want to know what the home looks like. This is your best opportunity to connect emotionally with your prospects. They need to imagine themselves living in your property. Based on your pictures, they must be able to see themselves there. Otherwise, there’s no reason to schedule a showing or fill out an application.

Make sure those photos are good. They should be professional-level pictures, showing off all the best features of your property. 

A video is always an excellent idea. This will be easy to share on social media sites, and tenants can feel like they’re walking through your property.

Concise, Informative Descriptions 

Writing a clear and detailed property description is a critical aspect of creating a great online listing. You’ll want to provide a thorough description of the property without taking up too much time and space. Attention spans are short. What should you include in that detailed description? We’re glad you asked: 

  • Square footage
  • Number of bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Rental and security deposit amount
  • Date the property is available
  • Whether pets are allowed or considered

Mention any special amenities such as a pool or an attached parking garage. You want your description to be easy to read, engaging, and full of notes about the best aspects of your rental property. 

Contact Property ManagerThese are the elements of an engaging rental property listing. Contact an Ormond Beach property management company if you need help putting together the best possible listing that will attract good tenants quickly. 

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