Home Away Services

Home Away Services

Home Away Services

Checks, Visits, and Maintenance for your Home

Oceans Managing Group offers a professional service to check your home for you on a regular basis, or as needed. We provide a customized home management program that gives you peace of mind, convenience, and protection of your valuable investment. If you need to be away from home for a long period of time, we are your home away service specialist.

Our home visit and maintenance programs are available any time you are away from your vacation home, rental property, or primary residence. This is especially beneficial to Florida retirees who are not planning to live in their second home all year long (snowbirds). Each visit by Oceans Managing Group’s professionals is tailored to your needs and will be scheduled at a prescribed time each month or each week, or whenever you prefer.

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I use Oceans for my rental property in S Daytona. I have had only positive experiences. Lisa D has been just incredible with finding desirable tenants and helping me with management of my condo.

- Jackie

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The ladies in the office are genuinely nice and helpful. Very quick responses if there are ever issues.

- William

What To Expect From Our
Home Away Checks

You can expect us to be available to you when you need us, even in emergencies such as extreme weather situations. We will guide your annual and long term home maintenance planning, while also being on call for repairs and emergencies. Our home check clients may also elect to have us as their representative for contracted home remodeling projects such as pool installations or roof replacement.

Some of the items in a typical home away check visit may include:

  • Total visual inspection of home’s interiors such as floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • Inspection of outside property completed, for example irrigation systems.
  • Check to make sure refrigerators and freezers are working as they should.

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  • Inspect for any signs of pest problems or water damage in the home.
  • Ensure heating, air conditioning, or thermostats are functioning properly.
  • Arrange with the post office to have mail held and picked up on regular basis.
  • If a severe storm has occurred, immediately check the property for damage.
  • Investigation of anything out of the ordinary such as unusual odors.

Benefits of a Home Check Service

If you need repairs or improvements to your home, we assist you with proven pre-qualified professionals holding the proper current insurance and trade licenses. We screen landscapers, pest control companies, painters, roofers, pool cleaners, etc. so that you do not have to. That being said, if you have a contractor you prefer to hire, we will ensure they are given access to the property in a timely and consistent manner. This is your home, we are simply managing and checking it for you.

Our aim is to minimize the time you spend in taking care of your home overall, while maximizing its long term value. Our home away services are especially suited to vacant homes on the market, vacation rentals, investment properties, second homes, or primary residences if you travel for long periods of time. The last thing you need when you arrive home after a long absence is a problem with your property, and our home away services are meant to prevent that from ever happening. If you have an elderly parent or disabled family member living alone, our home away services may also provide the extra help you need if you travel or reside out of town.

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What People Are Saying About Us

4.9 /5
32 Reviews

Sep 4, 2021
Google Oceans Luxury Realty John
very nice people ..helpful ..knowledgeable .and everything can be done on line ..easy process ..i rented a house back in 2019 for a year and i was very satisfied
Jun 25, 2021
Google Oceans Luxury Realty Robii
Oceans Luxury Realty is the best property management company in the area! They are great to work with, courteous, responsive, and highly professional..
May 17, 2021
Google Oceans Luxury Realty Roy
We have been working with Oceans Luxury Realty for the past thrre years. They have been unfailingly curteous, relaible and responhsive to our needs as tenants. I would recommend them to any tenat or property owner...
May 9, 2021
Google Oceans Luxury Realty Leslie
Our property manager at OLR, Lisa Reeley, is the best of the best! We are new in this business of home rental, and we hit the jackpot when we hired Lisa. We do not live locally and there is such peace of mind that she has our back 100%! She’s professional, honest, responsive and just so good at her job. She walks a fine line between tenant and owner but does it with grace and ease. I imagine she has great support staff in the office that allows her to be her best! If you have the opportunity to work with her and OLR, do not pass it up!!
Feb 20, 2021
Google Oceans Luxury Realty Raymond
The staff are very professional and care about my property as much as I do.
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