Agent Referrals

Rest assure you are putting your clients into great hands. We specialize in property management with a staff that has over 15 years’ experience.

We will pay a referral fee directly to you as a thank you that will include 25% of the first months’ rent. We will guarantee this in writing. When the landlord is ready to sell, we will not take the listing! We are just the rental agent! If the tenant we place in the home ends up buying the home they are renting, you still get your commission!

Receive your seller back when they are ready to sell again. No matter the time frame, we will not sell the property. This is a guarantee in writing.

Oceans Luxury Realty happily offers a solution that helps both real estate agents and the home owner. Provide immediate income to distressed owners whose homes haven’t sold.

Oceans Luxury Realty will place a tenant who under goes a strict credit and background check to ensure the homeowner gets the most qualified tenant in their property. We will professionally manage the home so your customer can generate immediate income with minimal stress. 

Here at Oceans Luxury Realty we value our referrals from our local agents. We appreciate your business and look forward to assisting you and your clients. 

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