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The guest experience keeps you in business when you’re renting out a vacation home. The reviews left by your visitors will tell potential renters whether they really want to stay in your place while they’re visiting Florida’s Atlantic coast. 

This is why you want to furnish your property attractively and comfortably. The right furniture and creature comforts will lead to a positive guest experience and a vacation rental that’s in high demand. 

Here’s how to furnish that vacation rental to keep your guests happy.

Comfortable, Functional Furniture in Your Daytona Beach Vacation Rental 

You want your vacation rental to look inviting, welcoming, and relaxing. The furniture should match that aesthetic. 

It should also be functional. 

Think about what works best for travelers. A sleeper sofa in the living room, for example, can accommodate additional guests and large groups who want to travel together. Bunk beds in one of the bedrooms will attract families with children. 

Look for oversized sofas and cozy reading chairs that will help your guests relax after a day of golfing or sunbathing. Mattresses should be supportive, comfortable, and in excellent condition. Ottomans with storage always work well as footrests and extra seats. Keep closets and dressers empty so your guests have a chance to unpack. 

You’ll want the basics to be covered: beds and bedding, night stands, end tables, sofas, and a dining set to accommodate at least six people. Provide extra kitchen chairs or bar stools. Expand the seating options in the living area with things like floor cushions.

If you’re providing a pet-friendly property, don’t forget the dog beds, scratching posts for cats, and maybe a few chew toys. 

Stock the Kitchen with Everything Guests May Need 

Guests may want to cook full meals in the kitchen, especially if they’re staying for more than a few days. You’ll need to furnish the kitchen with all the essentials, including pots and pans, plates, silverware, coffee mugs, bowls, and glasses. 

Keep some kid-friendly pieces available such as plastic cups with lids. You’ll need a good coffee maker, toaster, microwave, and other small appliances like a blender and a kettle. 

Provide a few wine glasses, cheese graters, cutlery, cutting boards, and linens like place mats and tablecloths. If you provide a grill, leave instructions for how to use it. 

Your guests will likely do their own grocery shopping, but consider stocking your kitchen with staples such as flour, sugar, oil, salt, and pepper. 

Create an Outdoor Living Space  

Furnished BalconyIf your Daytona Beach vacation rental includes a yard or even a balcony, make sure you furnish that part of the property. Outdoor seating is always going to be appreciated by your guests, and extras like a fire pit or an umbrella to protect your visitors from the afternoon sun can be great additions. Consider putting a grill outside a table for al fresco, and enough outdoor lighting to make your patio or yard an enjoyable place to relax at night. 

The right furniture will help your vacation rental stand out. Your guests will enjoy the space and they’ll be happy to provide a good review about the experience you provided. 

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