Why Owners Choose to Work with Oceans Luxury Realty

Daytona Beach has a hot housing market, whether you’re buying a home, selling a home, investing in a property, or renting one out. When you are trying to navigate the local market, you need a qualified and experienced residential real estate company that can help you earn more on your investments and have a stress-free rental experience.

Oceans Luxury Realty is that company, and today we want to share a few of the reasons that property owners choose to work with our talented team.

Experience in Daytona Beach Real Estate

Our entire staff is knowledgeable and experienced in all the facets of real estate and the Daytona Beach rental market. We are passionate about helping people find the perfect home, whether it’s one they’re going to live in themselves or rent out to tenants. We know the neighborhoods, we know the market trends, and we know the competition. Our owners know they can rely on our expertise when they’re establishing a rental value, marketing their property to tenants, or deciding whether to hold onto the asset or sell it.

The services you’ll receive from Oceans Luxury Realty are comprehensive. We can help you manage the entire lifecycle of your investment, from identifying outstanding opportunities to leasing your property to well-qualified tenants to maintaining the home and protecting the condition and value of your asset.

Personal and Personalized Property Management in Daytona Beach

The team is growing every day, but we’ll never be so large that we don’t remember the names of our clients. Owners love working with us because we’re responsive, available, and accessible. We communicate promptly and proactively, and you’ll always know how your investment properties are performing. Whether we’re renting out one of your vacant condos or helping you find your next great investment, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

We also know that no two properties are alike. The needs of your rental homes are going to be different from the needs of another investor. So, we designed customized property management plans that will ensure you and your tenants have a successful and positive rental experience.

We Keep Earnings Up and Expenses Down

We Keep Earnings Up and Expenses DownPerhaps the main reason that Daytona Beach rental property owners choose us is that we treat your rental property like a business. Our goal is to keep your income and ROI high and your expenses low. We accomplish this in a number of ways.

For example, our strategic marketing and showing plans limit your property’s vacancy time, and our outstanding customer service increase your tenant retention rates. We keep maintenance costs down with frequent inspections, preventative plans, and an immediate response to repair requests. We know that small leaks rarely become easier and less expensive to fix with time.

We also protect you from costly legal mistakes. It’s easy to run into trouble with fair housing laws and security deposit refunds. Our property managers stay on top of all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to rental housing and the landlord/tenant relationship.

These are only a few of the reasons rental property owners choose our team. If you’d like to hear more about how we can help with Daytona Beach property management, please contact us at Oceans Luxury Realty.