How Long Will It Take to Rent Out My Home? - Article Banner

Renting out your property quickly is a priority for nearly every owner and investor, and that’s because longer vacancy times will only cost you money. We’re often asked how long it will take to rent out a property in Daytona Beach and throughout Volusia County, we usually have homes rented within a week or two of renting them. The market is moving quickly now, and there’s a lot of demand for high quality rental housing. 

Certain factors can lengthen the amount of time and shorten the amount of time that your property is vacant and waiting to be rented by good tenants. 

Here’s what you can plan on and how you can rent out your own home faster. 

Timeline for Marketing and Showings 

As soon as your property is ready for the rental market, it’s time to do some advertising. When we’re leasing homes, it takes a couple of days so we can:

  • Take great photos
  • Write a great description
  • List your home on our website and all the popular rental websites
  • Respond to inquiries from potential tenants.

Once the listing is live and we begin hearing from prospective tenants, we will schedule showings at times that are convenient for those tenants. 

Being responsive cuts down on the time it takes to rent your property. Don’t leave prospects hanging. Answer your phone and respond to messages. We’re always available to answer questions and talk to prospective tenants about the benefits of renting your home.   

A successful marketing campaign over the course of one to two weeks will ensure we get a solid pool of tenants who want to apply for the property. 

Rental Markets are Seasonal

Remember that the rental market is pretty seasonal, even in Florida where we don’t seem to have seasons. 

Most tenants will move during the summer months, between school years. They’ll avoid moving over busy holidays in the late autumn and early winter. Keep this in mind when you’re renting out a home or preparing to put a home on the market. You may have a longer time to wait if you’re not offering your property during the spring and summer months.

How to Get Your Property Rented Quickly

There are a few things you can do to ensure you’re not wasting time and losing money when it comes to renting out your property quickly. 

  • Price your Property Accurately

Rental homes with the right price tag will be the first properties that tenants rent. Do a thorough analysis of the market so you have the right rental value attached to your property. It’s important that you know what similar properties in your area are renting for before you list your own. 

  • Make Sure the Home is Move-In Ready

Attractive homes rent a lot faster than homes that have deteriorated. Make sure you have some great curb appeal; when tenants drive by the property, you want them to see a well-maintained lawn and a pretty house. Inside, they’ll expect cleanliness and functionality. Make sure you fix everything that needs repairs before you begin marketing your home

  • Market Strategically

Housing AdMake sure you’re attracting good tenants with attention-grabbing ads that make them want to schedule a showing. 

When it’s been a month or longer and you still haven’t been able to successfully rent out your home, something may be wrong with the price, the condition, or simply because the market is not moving. 

We’d be happy to give you an estimate on how long it should take to rent out your property. We can also talk about our leasing process and how it helps owners to have a better rental experience. Contact our team at Oceans Managing Group at (386) 255-8585 or email with any questions or concerns you may have at